Microsoft suffered a 2.4 TB of sensitive customer data leak

Microsoft recently revealed a security flaw that, according to a security company, involved the 2.4 terabytes of data leak.

The data, according to a disclosure published Wednesday by the security firm SOCRadarspanned the years 2017 to August 2022. They included invoices and signed contracts, contact information, and emails from 65,000 current or potential customers over the past five years.

Microsoft also published the incident on Wednesday stating that the security company “grossly exaggerated the scope of this problem.” because some of the exposed data included “duplicate information, with multiple references to the same emails, projects and users”.

Also, using the word “problem” as a euphemism for “leak”, Microsoft also said: “The issue was caused by an unintentional misconfiguration on an endpoint that is not in use in the Microsoft ecosystem and was not the result of a security vulnerability.”

There are no details in the post about what data was leaked or how many current or potential customers Microsoft believes were actually affected.

In your place, Microsoft post scolded SOCRadar for using numbers that the company disagreed with and for including a search engine that people could use to determine whether their data had been exposed. Since then, the security company has restricted access to the page.

When an affected customer contacted Microsoft to ask what specific data in their organization was exposed, the response was: “We are unable to provide the specific data affected by this issue.” When the affected customer protested, the Microsoft support engineer refused again.

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