Microsoft should follow in Apple’s footsteps on the next Surface

A new job posting from Microsoft gives us an important clue about the future of Surface devices. The announcement indicates that the American company is preparing the development of its own processor, such as Apple

The idea will be to follow Apple’s example with the launch of the M1. A chip produced in-house to be included in your laptops, thereby increasing your independence from third-party vendors like Intel.

Microsoft wants to develop a SoC similar to Apple’s M1

In the announcement published by Microsoft, the Redmond-based company is looking for an “SoC architect.” They are looking for someone who can define “the characteristics and capabilities of the SoC used in Surface devices.”

Surface Pro 8

This job description is very explicit about Microsoft’s intent. The tech giant wants to embark on the development of its own processor capable of being applied to the Surface line.

In this way, Microsoft would be more independent in the development of its line of hybrid laptops and devices. As with Apple, this path would improve the design of a more efficient chip for its products.

Currently, Microsoft has Intel as the partner of choice for the supply of processors in the Surface line. However, this limits a company’s design options, as its computers must be designed to fit a specific processor.

With its own SoC, Microsoft could develop a smaller processor and could even free up some of its products from traditional fans. Consequently, it could develop even more elegant computers.

However, it is important to note that this announcement does not guarantee that Microsoft will switch to its own processor. It’s just a confirmation that the company is at least exploring the idea.

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Still, the door opens for the future of the Surface line to come through here. It’s a promising and plausible future, especially since Microsoft has already released the Surface Pro X with an ARM processor.

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