Microsoft puts controversial feature in Windows 11 Start menu

TO Microsoft recently made available Advance March 2023 optional for operating system windows 11. This is not a security update, it still has some bug fixes or insectsas well as some improvements.

However, one of the biggest and most easily noticeable changes with this build o build is the ability to change the background color of the search box based on the color scheme applied on the PC. In practice, this makes it easier for the user to find what they are looking for and to take advantage of this element of Windows effectively.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 has new features for the Start menu

microsoft windows 11

Among the novelties we also have something that Microsoft calls “Notifications for Microsoft accounts”. In practice, it is an information sheet to present in the Disconnect from the start menu in Windows 11.

Until now, this function was in the testing phase, starting in November 2022 and, according to all indications, it will look very similar to the notifications of offers and promotions of the company’s products.

In other words, this could be another place where North American tech will place its own advertising and promotion of its digital services. Naturally, it is something that the most attentive users do not like.

Microsoft guarantees that notifications will only affect a restricted audience

microsoft windows 11

Despite the concerns and expressions of disgust from some users, Microsoft guarantees that these notifications will only be shown to a restricted audience. However, It also advances that this distribution will be generalized in the coming months.

So far we have few images of the impact and general appearance of these notifications with offers and “discounts” on the brand’s own services. We have, however, one of them well represented in the image above, quite enlarged.

It should also be noted that the infamous news was first reported by the publication BleepingTeam even recently.

The problem is build KB5023778 Windows 11

microsoft windows 11

In my opinion, this build is more like a build created to test Microsoft ads and advertising for their products than anything else. Either way, the build should enjoy general availability in the coming months.

It should also be noted that Microsoft itself does not call them advertising, but Notifications. However, they are effectively advertisements for services provided by the technology itself.

In short, it is just one more instance in which users of a non-free system are bombarded with product placement, purchase options, and various consumer stimuli.

It remains to be seen now where we will have more publicity? In the Start menu it is practically a certainty.

“Microsoft Product Promotion on Start Menu”: This is not a security update. You can monitor to skip it. This is some kind of marketing here…

— ♛ Maria R. Neykova (@MariaRusanova88) March 29, 2023

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