Home Business Microsoft promotes business transformation in the age of artificial intelligence

Microsoft promotes business transformation in the age of artificial intelligence

Microsoft promotes business transformation in the age of artificial intelligence

In a world of constant change, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already a tangible reality, Microsoft positions its leadership in the industry by addressing its impact and applicability in various sectors.

Microsoft celebrated the new edition in the country of the Microsoft Innovation Summit, a meeting focused on the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its foundations and where experts expressed the key points for the advancement of this technology in the Dominican Republic.

Ana Patricia Mejía, country manager of Microsoft Dominicana, affirmed that AI is the technology that defines these times and that it is already on the agenda of the Dominican Republic.

“That’s why at Microsoft we continue to invest heavily in data and AI research, technologies and partners because we are committed to bringing technology and people together to deliver on their promises responsibly. We are excited to see our country taking firm steps to take advantage of AI, joining efforts from the public sector, the private sector and academia, confident that, with clearly defined paths, new technologies will achieve great advances in the interest of national productivity”, assured.

Guillermo Caicedo, specialist in Azure Data and AI from Microsoft, who was in charge of the main talk of the activity, explained that prior to the implementation of AI in business, there are two fundamental pillars that drive business transformation: the cloud and the data. He added that one of the key challenges in adopting AI tools lies in the scarcity of data and the difficulty professionals face in integrating and gaining meaningful insights from their data.


Recognizing this barrier, Microsoft says it has made significant investments in solutions within Azure that enable customers and partners to effectively organize and leverage their data, thus providing effective solutions to drive the value of AI in their operations.

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform offers complete integration of databases, analytics, and data governance, allowing organizations to focus on driving value instead of wasting time and resources managing data. In addition, the wide range of Microsoft cloud solutions, together with their integration with other solutions, allows you to drive business transformation through AI. Microsoft is committed to integrating AI into every cloud solution, delivering a rich and empowered experience, and giving organizations the necessary tools in Azure AI to develop intelligent applications and services.

AI has caused a noticeable revolution in various industries and business workflows, enabling organizations to adapt and thrive in a changing business environment. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), it is estimated that by 2026, 85% of companies will combine human expertise with AI, resulting in more accurate forecasts and a 25% increase in productivity.

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