Home Business Microsoft Performance Max opens its beta version

Microsoft Performance Max opens its beta version

Microsoft Performance Max opens its beta version

Microsoft introduces its Performance Max platform, a new type of automated campaign. It is now in beta for all advertisers worldwide. This allows marketers to access your entire inventory and serve ads across your entire network.

High Performance Campaigns are designed to find and convert more customers across the network. They do this in real time, matching the right creative assets with the right targeting parameters and creating new combinations until they find the best performing ad for the market. With the ability to choose the strategy, input creative resources, and formulate the goals, Performance Max takes advantage of Microsoft AI to do the rest.

How to create a campaign with Microsoft Performance Max?

Creating a campaign with Microsoft Performance Max consists of five steps:

  1. conversion tracking. CSet up conversion tracking via a UET or with offline conversion goals.
  2. Set a daily budget and choose bid strategies. Therefore, you offer to maximize conversions as part of your optional ROAS (return on ad spend) goals. Set and maximize conversion values ​​with optional cost-per-acquisition (CPA) targets.
  3. Enable trailing URL expansion with the Destination of sending traffic to the most relevant landing page on the site based on Search query and user intent. This setup also generates additional assets that match the content of your landing pages.
  4. Add as many versions of high-quality image and text assets as possible.
  5. Add audience signals. The more inputs you provide to Performance Max, the greater the prospect of your campaign results.

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