Home Tech Microsoft Paint now integrates an AI image generator

Microsoft Paint now integrates an AI image generator

Microsoft Paint now integrates an AI image generator

Microsoft has taken an innovative step Integrate its artificial intelligence image generator, Cocreator, into the Paint app for Windows 11.

Previously available exclusively to Windows Insiders, this tool uses OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 model for imaging.

Now this tool is available for users USA, France, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy and Germany. There is currently a waiting list to use the Cocreator feature. If you live in one of these countries and are interested in using the tool, you can join the waiting list via the Cocreator side panel.

After you express your interest, you will receive an email notification once you have been approved to use the feature.

To use Cocreator, users open Paint and click the corresponding button in the upper right corner between the color picker and the layers area. A window will prompt users to enter a description of the desired image and select a style (charcoal, sketch, watercolor, photorealistic, among others). The tool generates three images that users can further edit using other tools in Paint.

Although this image generator is a new addition to Paint, Microsoft has already integrated this feature into other services. For example, Users have been able to make image generation requests in the Bing chatbot for some time, and this functionality was recently integrated into Copilot.

The addition of Cocreator to Paint (the image editing application included with the Windows operating system) makes it easier for the average user to create AI-generated images.

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