Microsoft may follow Samsung in an unexpected option

Microsoft has always had trouble entering the smartphone segment, but now it may have the solution in sight, following the same concept as Samsung.

All because a new patent from Microsoft may have revealed its new multi-panel device that follows Samsung’s idea of ​​a smartphone with a screen that folds into three parts.

The new device is designated in the patent as multipanel

Foldable smartphone with Microsoft patent
Sketch included in the patent application for a multi-panel device Credit @ Gizchina

It’s no secret that Microsoft hasn’t exactly been successful in the smartphone segment. In fact, the end of Windows phones happened for exactly that reason. But it seems that the technology giant has not given up in this area and wants to make one more attempt, surprising the market with a completely unexpected model.

The clue is given by a patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office on a new device called the Multi-panel. In the drawings included in the documentation you can see a sketch of a terminal with two hinge mechanisms that, when opened, give rise to a huge screen that folds into three different parts.

Where have we seen this concept? Yes, in another patent application, but from Samsung and in reference to an upcoming folding smartphone model from the South Korean company. Is it saying that brilliant minds work the same way?

The foldable device may come to be known as the Microsoft Surface Trio

We can also put the question in another way. As we already mentioned, Microsoft has always struggled to enter the smartphone segment and it may only be following Samsung as it is one of the main leaders in this market.

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In fact, when it comes to folding models, Samsung is indeed the undisputed leader, not only because of the various models it offers, but also because of the enormous success achieved by the Galaxy Z Flip 3 model this last year.
Unfortunately, we don’t know more about Microsoft’s foldable, which may come to be known as the Surface Trio, in clear allusion to its three-part foldable display.

Now the new Samsung folding

Samsung folding smartphone
The patent application for Samsung’s new folding smartphone reveals some of its specifications Credit @ LetsGoDigital

But there is more information on Samsung’s triple folding device. In addition to the sketches present in the patent application documentation, through which we can see the complex hinge mechanism, some of the specifications that it may include are already known.

Thus, it is expected to have support for the well-known S Pen, as well as a triple rear camera setup and an HDMI input. Information also advances that Samsung will integrate a fingerprint reader under the screen of this equipment.

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