Microsoft Gaming CEO understands gamers’ criticism of metaverse and NFTs

Whether you like it or not, you’ve probably heard of the ‘metaverse’. It might be one of the most controversial topics of the year. The concept has the potential to turn the world upside down, but it has to be executed well. Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, understands why many gamers don’t like it.

Gamers have been familiar with metaverse for years

In a interview with Bloomberg Spencer talks about a variety of gaming related topics. The metaverse was also discussed. You may be very skeptical about the metaverse as a gamer. Spencer gets thisbecause many of the aspects of the metaverse have actually been known to gamers for a few decades.

Many (online) games are already a kind of metaverse. You have an avatar, and in online games you can interact with other gamers. This is often possible even with verbal communication. A metaverse is therefore nothing new to them, but the context and its implementation are. In the future, this could become a standard way of communicating, even outside games.

NFTs in games should not be abused

Spencer also talks about non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, and play to earn revenue models. For example, NFTs can be integrated into games so that in game items like your avatar or items from loot boxes can get value. With these kinds of aspects you can give games a play-to-earn revenue model. For example, players can earn crypto in a game and exchange it for real money.

This concept actually already exists. There are already games that allow gamers to earn items and sell them for ‘real’ money.

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But Spencer is skeptical about this. He foresees that this will allow gamers to be used as workers, and he doesn’t want gamers to be exploited in the future. To prevent this, Microsoft subsidiary Mojang Studios banned NFTs from creations in the game Minecraft in July.

Less exclusive games in the future

He also thinks that in the future there will be fewer and fewer games that appear exclusively on one particular platform. Bringing in these kinds of games is an important tactic for Microsoft, because it may attract a lot of customers. But Spencer thinks the industry’s growth is more important, and less exclusive games is a useful tactic for that.

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