Microsoft Edge wants to take a screenshot of every website you visit

The Microsoft Edge browser has many features that improve the browsing experience. For example, Quick Start ensures that Edge starts immediately.

However, some functions are at best incomprehensible or downright confusing at first glance.

A future version of Edge will add a feature allows Edge to take screenshots of every page you visit. Microsoft Edge 117, currently available for testing on the Canary and Dev channels, has a new button calledor “Save site screenshots for history” with the following description:

We take screenshots of the websites you visit and save them so you can quickly revisit the website you want from your history.

Activate this function This allows you to revisit any page in your browsing history without an internet connection. Additionally, you can hover over a webpage in the history to preview the thumbnail.

There is no additional information about privacy, encryption and other security measures to give the user peace of mind. Also, the first implementation lacks the ability to add exceptions to prevent the browser from taking “screenshots” of certain websites. Fortunately, the option is disabled by default.

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