Microsoft Edge prepares to provide its own VPN

Some support documents shared on the official Microsoft page reveal great news for Microsoft Edge. Soon this browser will get its own VPN.

The new service will be called the Microsoft Edge Secure Network and will offer users a more secure way to browse the Internet. The date of its availability to the public has not yet been defined.

Microsoft Edge will offer a VPN service to its users

A VPN is a virtual private network that provides users with a secure and private way to browse the Internet. All browsing data passes through an encrypted channel, so it is kept from the knowledge of hackers and the Internet service provider.

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The proposal that Microsoft will include in its Edge browser will have the support of Cloudflare. It is one of the most popular and trusted DNS providers in the world, focusing on providing a secure browsing channel for all its users.

Although Microsoft does not call its new service VPN, its operation will follow the same rules. According to Microsoft itself, this offer aims to offer its users an encrypted tunnel through which all their traffic will pass.

This means that any address accessed by the user will be protected and away from the prying and malicious eyes of hackers. Also, it will eliminate any possibility of being monitored online.

At first glance, this service does not seem to follow the same line as Opera’s offer, for example. However, Microsoft’s goal will be to provide its users with a secure channel where they can browse without worrying about third parties.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network will be completely free for all users of this browser. It will be integrated into the browser and can be activated whenever the user wants, at no cost.

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This service is still in the testing phase with some Edge Canary users. Soon, it should be available to all users, although no schedule has been revealed.

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