Microsoft blocks Pixar poster creation with Bing AI

Microsoft recently released the Dall-E 2 imaging tool on Bing. This service, which allows users to create images from text, has raised concerns about possible legal problems for Microsoft.

In recent weeks Hundreds of TikTok and Instagram users have started creating Disney and Pixar-style posters on unexpected themes.

When users have entered terms like “Disney Movie Poster” Images were created in the Bing Image Creator tool that incorporated Disney’s signature typography, colors, and designs. However, this raised intellectual property concerns as the Disney logo was included in the images.

This situation caught the attention of media giant Disney. Disney has reportedly informed Microsoft about possible copyright issues.

As answer: Microsoft has banned the creation of “Disney” or “Pixar” posters in the tool, warning users that the word violates its policies. The company currently allows the use of these terms; it does not create movie posters.

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