Microsoft announces integration of ChatGPT into Microsoft 365

Microsoft continues its push to adopt ChatGPT in its services. On this occasion, it is the Microsoft 365 productivity suite that now has the valuable help of Artificial Intelligence developed by OpenAI.

In fact, today we know Microsoft 365 Copilot. This is the official designation of the project developed by the American giant that aims to provide its users with new tools that make them more creative, productive and collaborative.

Microsoft 365 Copilot breathes new life into Microsoft’s renowned productivity suite

The Copilot project now comes to the Microsoft 365 suite to work together with users. As the name suggests, this is an assistant to your projects, always ready to step in and advise on any challenge at hand.

This AI technology will now be integrated into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and other Microsoft services. It will be transversal to all services and always with the same purpose: to make users more productive.

With the introduction of Microsoft 365 Copilot in Word, this will be, if you want, your starting point for any document. Simply enter a topic and the AI ​​creates a first draft, saving you hours of research and document ideation.

As Microsoft points out on their blog, sometimes Copilot will be correct and sometimes it won’t. In fact, the company praises that this is his starting point and advises that the draft be edited to reflect his ideas, preferences and, above all, character.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

PowerPoint will also take advantage of Microsoft 365 Copilot to create presentations in seconds. The idea is the same: indicate the theme you want and the AI ​​will create a complete presentation that you can then edit to your liking.

As for those who use and abuse Excel, with the introduction of this AI it will be even easier to analyze data. In seconds, you can refine the data the user is looking for, analyze trends, and create professional-looking data visualizations.

It’s in Teams that this AI reveals its true potential by creating summaries of the most important points of each conversation, who said what, and suggestions for actions to take accordingly. All this in real time so you don’t feel out of place in any meeting.

For anyone who spends hours in their inbox, the Microsoft 365 Copilot integration will be a boon. Thanks to AI, it will be possible to summarize long emails and quickly align them.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is already being tested among a limited group of users. A process from which Microsoft intends to get feedback that allows it to further improve the potential of its AI in the workplace.

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