Microsoft and Qualcomm team up to power AI on mobile devices

Today, coinciding with the Microsoft Build, Qualcomm made an announcement with Microsoft about its joint efforts to boost artificial intelligence on mobile devices.

Qualcomm says its leadership position in device AI uniquely positions them to move towards a hybrid AI architecture.

The company has an unparalleled presence at the edge, with billions of devices around the world powered by Snapdragon and Qualcomm platforms, offering the opportunity to scale generative artificial intelligence.

Qualcomm will make the following announcements at Microsoft Build:

  • Stable diffusion image and AI-powered image enhancement running on a Snapdragon computing platform laptop using the Qualcomm AI Engine, at speeds significantly faster than the CPU performance of other thin and light Windows laptops.
  • Photo editing with Luminar Neo AI up and running in eight seconds on the Qualcomm AI Engine, compared to over two minutes on the CPU.
  • Evaluating native Windows apps on Snapdragon to show the performance benefits of moving from emulated code to native code.
  • Making previously restricted dedicated AI APIs available to everyone and introducing a new developer portal.
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