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MICM receives ISO certifications in regulatory compliance and anti-bribery

MICM recibe certificaciones ISO en cumplimiento regulatorio y antisoborno

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM) was certified with ISO 37301 on Regulatory Compliance Management Systems and ISO 37001 on Anti-Bribery Management Systems, by the good practices in public purchasing and contracting processes with international standards.

“We have bet on a deep and constant transformation of the ministry. We assume this management without lukewarm cloths; where ethics, transparency and good work are not negotiable”, affirmed the MICM minister, Victor- Ito- Bisonóupon receipt of certification.

He added that from the MICM seek to promote guidelines, standards and policies for the prevention and detection of regulatory non-complianceacts of corruption and administrative irregularities to enhance transparency standards in public administration.
On implementation of these standards
In a note it is explained that bUnder the coordination of the Management Control Directorate of the MICM and with the commitment of all the leadership of the ministry, an intense day of work was exhausted in the implementation phase of these management systems.

They detail that during this process, Several mechanisms and tools have been developedsuch as complaint channels (mailboxes, internal mail, QR codes, communication via internal digital network, due diligence policies and procedures, legal obligations, transmission of a culture of regulatory compliance and zero tolerance for corruption.

In addition, Various actors related to the certified processes were informedas is the case of the different interest groups in the fuel marketing chain, on the implementation of these regulations and the good practices assumed by the ministry.

As a result of this implementation, The MICM has a Compliance and Anti-Bribery Management Committee which acts as a watchdog for the maintenance of the assumed and certified standards.

Certified processes
The scope of this certification covered sensitive processes in public administration such as management of purchases and public contracts, the calculation of fuel prices, the renewal of adhesive labels for fuel transport units, technical evaluation of the functionality of the land and qualification, subsidy and monitoring of Non-Profit Associations (ASFL) in the industry sector.

“It has been a disruptive and valuable journey for the Ministry and its collaborators, but it will be even more so for the country, deserving of ethical and regulatory guarantees that demonstrate the fairness with which fuel price calculations, inspections security techniques that are carried out on the fuel transport units, and the evaluations of the functionality of the field”, specified Minister Bisonó.

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