Miches, the potential tourist destination that will be presented at Fitur

Miches, el potencial destino turístico que será presentado en Fitur

Last December, the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) announced that the municipality of Miches will be presented as a tourist destination at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur), this in order to show the beauty and conditions that the town offers.

Located in the province of Seibo, Miches has become the focus of attention for investors and tourists due to its paradisiacal and extensive beaches that enjoy abundant vegetation.

Virgin beaches, large hotels, impressive mountains, rivers, waterfalls and gastronomic proposals have become the characteristics of this fishing area.

Among the destinations that stand out from the aforementioned are:

Emerald Coast Beach

Away from civilization, lonely, surrounded by an exuberant population of palm and coconut trees, this beach has turquoise green waters and strong waves that fascinate whoever visits it.

Also, the leatherback turtles, known for being the largest in the world and being in danger of extinction, house their eggs there.

beach above

Unlike the Emerald Coast, this beach is located just a few minutes from the town and is surrounded not only by coconut palms, but also by restaurants and more people who frequent it because of how accessible it can be.

The view of this coastal coastline is still impressive, at times like Easter it is set up with tents, music and recreational activities for the whole family.

round mountain

Known for offering panoramic views and popular swing photos, this has become a tourist attraction in the area.

From the top you can see the entire coastline, lagoons and the impressive green view that surrounds the place.

This hill, located about a thousand feet high, offers a wonderful landscape and activities to enjoy with friends, family or alone.

tourist pier

Located on the boardwalk, this port built in wood and mounted on a base of concrete piles 4 meters deep, gives an impressive natural and structural beauty that joins the range of attractions available to the municipality.

Visited every week by hundreds of national and foreign tourists who enjoy the dazzling beauty that the bay offers.

In the surroundings of the pier you can see very attractive cultural orientations and drawings, restaurants and recreation areas.

jump of the Jalda

For those who like adventure and challenges, this is the perfect destination.

It is located several kilometers from the municipality, this waterfall is considered the highest in the Caribbean. Although it has a hidden path, this waterfall is ideal for camping, contemplating nature, delighting in the song of birds and of course witnessing the magnificent waterfall.

Its access can be by land or air, since a platform was built instead to allow access to tourists who decide to visit it through a helicopter.

The formidable treatment of the locals, its rivers, lagoons and the insertion of important hotel companies outline the municipality as a new jewel of Dominican tourism, with conditions to compete with magnates such as Bávaro or Punta Cana.

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The growth of the coastal municipalities in the east of the country is on the rise, the arrival of tourists and investors present an improvement in the economy of the place.

However, natural resources are often threatened.

In 2022, residents of Miches denounced that they had closed a road that gave access to La Ensenada beach, which is characterized by calm waves and beautiful landscapes.

A photo was published on social networks where you could see a wooden gate that blocked the way to the aforementioned beach.

According to the Arecoa portal, access to the beach was enabled “provisionally” by the owners of the property (the road that leads to La Ensenada), after a meeting called by the Mitur at the end of April 2022.

It is expected that with the tourist development that the municipality is shaping up, the beaches or other innate natural resources of the place will not be affected.


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