Michelle Obama: her tender message to Barack for their wedding anniversary

Michelle and Barack Obama said “yes” to each other 29 years ago. A date that the former first lady wished to celebrate by posting two photographs of their couple on her Instagram account.

Two touching shots featuring the tandem in the same posture almost 30 years apart. We see Michelle and Barack Obama sitting and embracing on their sofa, first in the 1990s – short cut and purple top for Madame and striped shirt for Monsieur – then much more recently, as evidenced by the photo taken by Chynna Clayton, Travel Director and Special Assistant to Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

A couple that has become iconic

A wink that Michelle Obama accompanied with a message full of tenderness: “How it started vs how it goes”, commented the ex-first lady, followed by a “Happy birthday, Barack, I love you ! ”

The couple, who met at law firm Sidley Austin in 1989, married on October 3, 1992 and have been supporting each other for nearly 30 years, to the point where they have become an iconic couple today. for its success, its solidity and its complicity.

In 2017, during his last speech as President of the United States, Barack Obama paid tribute to his wife: “For 25 years, you have not only been my wife and the mother of my children, you you’re my best friend, ”he said, confiding the secret to their relationship’s longevity.

And Barack Obama has done it again. On his Instagram account, the ex-president thus confided on the occasion of their wedding anniversary: ​​“Over the past 29 years, I have loved looking at the world, getting to know you not only as a daughter of the South Side, but as a mother, lawyer, executive, author, First Lady and my best friend ”, before concluding“ I can’t imagine life without you ”. A beautiful statement.

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