Michael Saylor receives BTC through his email, here’s how it works

Michael Saylor, co-founder and former CEO of Microstrategy, is particularly known within the crypto industry as an outspoken Bitcoin (BTC) proponent. The bitcoin maximalist shares his regular (bullish) vision about the decentralized cryptocurrency and owns a total of 140,000 BTC with his technology company. In August last year, Saylor stepped down as CEO of Microstrategy to focus more on his Bitcoin beliefs as executive chairman.

Saylor announced on April 17 that Microstrategy has integrated the Bitcoin Lightning Network into its corporate email. What exactly does this mean?

BTC received via email

With this integration, anyone can use the email address – (email protected) — use it to send BTC to the 58-year-old billionaire. The integration uses it ‘Lightning Address’ protocol. This protocol was created to allow anyone to send money the way we send emails – instantly and abundantly. This is because developers can replace a standard Lightning invoice with an Internet ID, such as an email address.

The Lightning network is a scaling solution for Bitcoin that makes it possible to send BTC directly and almost free of charge. It is an extra layer on top of the network that carries transactions off-executes chain. This makes it possible to send transactions at lightning speed, without the blockchain filling up.

In his tweet, Saylor also indicated that he has received small BTC donations from fans since the integration.

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Microstrategy’s bitcoin investment in the green

Microstrategy’s Bitcoin holding is currently equivalent to 140,000 BTC, making the company the largest publicly traded BTC holder. Since the very first investment in 2020, the software giant has not stopped buying, so no company currently comes close in terms of number of holdings. At the current BTC price, Microstrategy owns $4.235 billion worth of bitcoins.

Recently you could read in the Bitcoin news that the company is finally back in the green with its bitcoin position after a long time. The 140,000 BTC was purchased at an average purchase price of approximately $29,803, and Bitcoin is currently trading just above $30,000.

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