Michael Jordan’s response when Phil Jackson asked him to join the Los Angeles Lakers

without a doubt Michael Jordan He will always be one of the most recognizable faces in basketball. nba of all time, because the winning mentality and determination that he printed when he jumped on the court were unique.

But said by himself, the coach phil jackson was essential for the Chicago Bulls won twice ‘Three Peat’ and they imposed a dynasty of time.

Jackson amassed his legacy with 11 Larry O’Brien Trophies in just 20 seasons; 6 with the Chicago Bulls and 5 with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Such was the understanding between them that his majesty michael jordan (before making his second retirement official in 1999) made it a condition that the coach continue leading the Bulls or he left the team again. Phil didn’t continue and the rest is history.

A Jordan-Bryant duo?

One season later Jackson became coach of the Lakers and a talent that was emerging was kobe ​​bryant who was already showing flashes to establish himself as a figure in the nba.

Coach phil jacksonat some point tried to persuade Jordan of a hypothetical arrival at california quintet.

before this Ahmad Rashadwho was one of the journalists closest to Jordan confessed that phil jackson asked the mythical ’23’ of the Bulls to join a practice at the lakers when i was present Bryant.

These were the words of Rashad to the portal GQ Sports:

“Phil Jackson was talking to Michael about going out and helping the Lakers in practice or something. And then it was like, ‘You guys can play one on one. Kobe didn’t back down…he wanted to play and they had a bit of back and forth. Then as we were leaving the building, Michael said, ‘You know, I really respect that kid. I really respect that kid.’”.

If Phil Jackson had finished persuading him to join the Lakers, Jordan probably would have added to his basketball legacy..

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