With only two weeks remaining in the Ashes series, Cricket Australia has been unable to find a new captain for its test team. Former Australian cricketer Michael Clarke has made a strong comment on the matter. He has said that if Australia starts to find the perfect captain for the team, then the team will have to go 15 years without a captain.

Calling it incorrect to resign from the captaincy of Team Pan, Clarke said: “I still don’t understand why he resigned from the captaincy now because of the previous problem of 2017?” Clarke said: ‘If Cricket Australia asked Tim Paine to step down as captain, Paine should have responded that I informed him of this incident four years ago. I was clear and honest so why did you make me captain. Clarke also asked if simply going public changes the rules on crime.

It’s worth noting that Tim Paine had left the Australian test team captaincy last week over an old case from 2017. Four years ago, he had sent obscene photos and dirty messages to a colleague. This matter came to the fore in 2018, then Cricket Australia had also conducted a lengthy investigation into it, but Tim Paine was exonerated. Now this sex chat will be made public. Tim resigned from the captaincy before the chat went public.

Before Tim Paine, Steve Smith had to leave the captaincy due to ball manipulation. Giving the example of these controversies, Michael Clarke said that small mistakes happen but that is why it is not right to ask him to resign as captain. Giving the example of Ricky Ponting, Clarke said that Ponting had hit a club in Sydney. If it hadn’t been the captain citing this mistake, would we have seen a great captain?



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