Home World Mexico: an attack with explosives against a police vehicle left six dead

Mexico: an attack with explosives against a police vehicle left six dead

Mexico: an attack with explosives against a police vehicle left six dead

An attack with explosives against a vehicle in which security officials were moving left at least six people deadof which three were police officers, and another 12 wounded in the Mexican state of Jalisco. “This is an unprecedented event that shows what these organized crime groups are capable of. This attack also represents a challenge against the Mexican State as a whole.said the governor Enrique Alfaro.

The attack occurred at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, near the city of Guadalajara, and targeted a car in which security officials were traveling. The attack occurred when a group of officers came to answer the call of a womanmember of a group of relatives of disappeared persons, who reported that he had received an anonymous call with clues to find clandestine gravesAlfaro explained.

To give groups of search mothers and associations security, this type of search will no longer be carried out until there is an adequate protocol. The governor said that the Jalisco security cabinet was in “permanent session to investigate the attack,” whose authorship was not attributed to any particular criminal organization.

The state is the base of operation of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), one of the most powerful drug trafficking organizations in Mexico, with a presence in a good part of the national territory. Mexican media said authorities They were asking if it was an attack with grenades or a homemade mine.a method that the CJNG used in other Mexican states such as Michoacán.

Last Sunday, authorities also reported an attack with a drone loaded with explosives against a house in the Michoacan town of Apatzingán, which left one person injured. Last June, another unusual car bombing attack killed a National Guard agent and injured three others in the central state of Guanajuato. This type of attack is rare in Mexico, a country shaken by violence linked to drug trafficking.

Since 2006when a military offensive against organized crime was launched, Mexico accumulates some 350 thousand murdersthe majority awarded to drug trafficking groups, as well as tens of thousands of disappeared.

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