Mexicans complain that the US excludes them from relief

By Maria Leon |

Tucson (USA) (BLAZETRENDS).- Mexicans residing in the United States say they feel left out of humanitarian family reunification and asylum programs despite the violence they face due to drug trafficking in their country and Mexico’s support for immigration policies US President Joe Biden.

“Unfortunately we are being ignored by President Biden. We have not had an immigration reform, nor do they allow us to bring our family legally,” Margarita Ramírez, a Mexican woman with 15 years in the United States, told BLAZETRENDS.

He complains that Mexicans cannot bring their relatives through the family reunification program that benefits citizens of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Colombia, among other countries.

The immigrant fears for the lives of her two children in Mexico because violence is increasingly “unleashed” in her country.

“Although I am already a (United States) citizen, the application takes more than 20 years to bring them because they are already of legal age, and although one of them has been threatened by drug traffickers, it is practically impossible to request asylum,” said Ramírez.

Mexicans are also not included among the countries eligible for temporary humanitarian relief. That benefits Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans and Haitians, and there are few chances that they will obtain asylum.

Asylum cases for Mexicans

According to Alexander Aviña, a professor at Arizona State University’s School of Transborder Studies. Only between 3% and 5% of the asylum cases presented by Mexicans are approved.

“In the United States, irregular Mexican migration has always been associated with economic needs and it has not been taken into consideration that since 2012 we have begun to see more and more cases of Mexicans who emigrate trying to escape the violence of drug trafficking,” Aviña said. to BLAZETRENDS.

However, he indicates that this is not “sufficient” to convince many immigration judges. Despite the fact that there are even several bills presented by Republicans that seek to declare the Mexican cartels as terrorist groups.

The expert stresses that the situation is not improving for Mexicans despite the fact that Mexico is considered a “friend” of the Biden Administration’s immigration policy.

With the end next Thursday of the expedited expulsion of migrants at the border under the health regulation known as Title 42. Mexico agreed to receive migrants from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba and Nicaragua expelled by the United States for humanitarian reasons. For Aviña, this type of agreement between Mexico and the US “minimizes” the opportunities for Mexicans to receive asylum.

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abandoned and angry

Mexican immigrants who live and work in the United States are frustrated that Mexico is also not being considered for the establishment of a processing center for political asylum applications, as it will be in Colombia and Guatemala.

Latinos of Mexican origin, who make up the bulk of Hispanics in the United States with more than 37 million (60% of the total), according to the Census, feel forgotten.

“They have abandoned us. Among our community there are many Mexicans who have been living in the United States for up to twenty years and have not been able to get papers (be regularized),” Alonso Vázquez, from the Centro de Jornales, in Tucson (Arizona), told BLAZETRENDS.

“We are very angry. We are seeing more and more Venezuelans, Guatemalans, and Colombians arriving with asylum. And now they are even giving them the opportunity to bring their family, their children. While we Mexicans are only here enduring and working, ”he added.

Mexican arrests

Mexicans also lead the list of arrests at the border. Between last October and March, more than 1.2 million migrants were arrested on the US border with Mexico, 382,000 of them Mexican, according to figures from the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP).

In fiscal year 2022, more than 808,000 Mexicans were arrested along the border. One of the highest figures in the last three years.

Mexican immigrant Francisco Ruiz, who has been living irregularly in the country for seven years, believes that perhaps the US government is “punishing” them for the increase in fentanyl trafficking from Mexico, but points out that drug trafficking and migration are two different issues.

Vicky Gaubeca, director of the Coalición de Comunidades de la Frontera Sur, regrets that until now Mexicans have been excluded from any family reunification program or that a center has not been established to request asylum in Mexican territory.

“I think that if the United States agrees to give asylum to Mexicans, it is like accepting that its own policies have caused this need,” the activist told BLAZETRENDS.

Nearly eight million Mexican immigrants live irregularly in the United States, according to the Center for Immigration Studies of New York (CMS).

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