Mexican migrants cross the border to see their loved ones again

Thousands of undocumented Mexicans reunited with their loved ones in the border region between Mexico and the United States after years of being separated by their immigration status.

This meeting was possible thanks to the binational event "hugs not walls"with whom they were able to meet again for a few minutes.

Amid the jubilation on both sides of the border there were hugs and mariachis.

“Thanks to this program I will be able to see my family. I wish it wasn’t just three minutes, I wish it was an hour. I’m going to see my brother and sister-in-law. I have seen them on previous occasions on this same program, but my father died two years ago and he never got to see them."Nuri Yanet, one of the attendees at the event, told EFE.

Another case is that of Juan Carlos Regoza, who was 18 years old without seeing his sister.

"I find the event fantastic, my father comes from Veracruz to see his daughter, it was a three-day trip. Here the important thing is that for love there are no walls and I am very grateful, “he said.

He also said that “it is very difficult to be separated from your loved ones, I do not recommend it to anyone.”

One more example is that of Melanie Solís, who told EFE: “I am going to see my sister, I haven’t seen her for eight years and I don’t know my niece, she is four years old.”

For Solís, this is “a great opportunity”, since he will finally meet his family on the other side of the border in Mexico.

“Very happy that we will be able to give hugs to our loved ones"he added.

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In this act, the event was remembered where a group of Mexican migrants were attacked with bullets by Americans, leaving a man dead and a woman seriously injured, in the Sierra Blanca region, in the US state of Texas.

“I believe that we have already exceeded the number of 1,000 migrants who have died while crossing the border, and that is a human crisis, it is a human rights crisis and it has to matter to all of us,” said Fernando García, leader of the Border Rights Network. Humans.

He explained that one of the crises in the North American country is the separation of families due to the immigration policy that is adopted on both sides of the border.

García added that there are dramatic stories, where mothers have not seen their children for years due to the immigration status of both parties.

"The paradox, here where we are there is a border wall that cost millions to build and costs to maintain. We built a structure here, a bridge to be able to unite families, with community resources"he pointed.

Latino residents of Texas who live in border areas with Mexico recently denounced harassment, discrimination and unjustified detentions by the officers deployed by Governor Greg Abbott, as part of his controversial Operation Lone Star, which seeks to contain the flow of migration.

The event is a reflection of the drama in the region, which is experiencing a record migratory flow to the United States, whose Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has intercepted more than 2.15 million people so far this year. fiscal year 2022.

Of this last figure, it is presumed that more than a quarter are Mexicans, around 744,000 people.

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