Mexican killed by poaching buffalo in Argentina

They confirm that the Mexican killed by a buffalo in Gualeguaychú was hunting illegally and that the hunting ground was not authorized.

According to local journalistic sources, the Punta Caballo hunting reserve owned by JRF Agro SRL did not have a license for big game hunting and the hunters did not have provincial authorization to practice it. Other irregularities are being investigated.

Last October, the NGOs Conciencia Animal and Ecoguay from Entre Ríos filed a criminal complaint before the courts for the scandalous case of Mexican hunter Mario Alberto Canales Najar, president of the Mexican Federation of Hunting and Shooting, who was killed by a buffalo that he was trying to kill in an Argentine hunting ground with suspicious legal conditions.

According to the source, from the General Directorate of Inspection of the Province under Juan Manzur, documentation was provided indicating that the three Mexican hunters -Canales Majar, Franco Fernández and Esteban González- were only allowed to practice small game hunting and that the reserve does not was authorized to carry out the referred activity (big game).

More than a man and a buffalo. impunity of hunting grounds

The investigation reveals the absolute impunity with which hunting reserves in Argentina operate and the State’s inability to monitor and control these establishments. Furthermore, it reopens the debate on whether we should continue to allow the practice of such a cruel, violent and irresponsible activity that continues to destroy our natural heritage for the economic benefit of a few.

As for the progress of the investigations, it is estimated that as the judicial year progresses, official letters will begin to be processed to determine the other authorizations that both the hunters and the reserve and the owner of the property where they remained should have . Among them, the authorization for the possession of an arsenal of weapons and ammunition that the reserve had.

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