Meta plans to launch a paid version of Facebook and Instagram

Meta could implement paid versions of Instagram and Facebook for users in the European Union. As reported, the aim of creating these subscription models is to enable the use of social networks without advertising content The New York Times. It is a response to community guidelines regarding privacy and data protection and protection from regulatory scrutiny.

The company led by Mark Zuckerberg Adjustments made to align with recent EU approved regulations such as: Digital Services Act (DSA), which began operations on August 25th. Among other things, it prohibits platforms from running advertising that is based on the use of personal data of minors.

For nearly two decades, Meta’s primary focus has been providing free social networking services and selling advertising to companies looking to reach their audiences. Introducing a payment option is an example of how you had to redesign your product to comply with data protection regulations and other government guidelines.

Meta will continue to offer free versions with ads

The target goal would be avoid future sanctions like the one you recently received. In May, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) fined them 1.2 billion euros for the transfer of personal data from meta users in Europe to the USA. On the other hand, community organizations banned M in Julyeta combines user data between its platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as from external websites and applications, unless it receives express consent from users.

It also highlighted how EU directives, particularly in relation to data protection, contrast with other countries such as B. can impact the user experience with technology UNITED STATES.

Currently, the cost of subscribing to these social networks is unknown, but both would continue to provide their free versions with advertising in the EU as before.

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