Meta plans to compete with the Google and Apple app stores

The EU recently approved the Digital Markets Law, which is expected to come into force next spring. This new regulation will allow all platforms to distribute applications through other digital stores.

According to The Verge, Meta plans to allow people in the European Union to download apps directly through Facebook ads. So this will mean an opportunity to compete with the Google and Apple app stores. The idea is to allow users to discover and download apps from facebook, instead of having to open the App Store in iOS. This would open a new market for Meta.

Better conversion rates for your ads

Zuckerberg’s company aims to convince that by hosting the applications and giving users the option to download them without intermediaries, they will get better conversion rates for their ads. Also, at least for now, Meta will not charge a percentage of the income obtained by those applications.

A Meta spokesman, Tom Channick, confirmed this project in a statement emailed to The Verge: “We have always been interested in helping developers distribute their apps, and the new options would add more competition in this space. Developers deserve more ways to easily get their apps to the people who want them.”

In any case, Meta was not the only company interested in taking advantage of the new situation when the EU WFD comes into force. In March, Microsoft has also announced that it hopes to launch its own alternative app store for gaming.s on iOS and Android in Europe next year.

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