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Meta Masters Guild reboots NFT marketplace with upgradable NFTs

Meta Masters Guild has re-released its NFT store with new features and discounts. The main highlight of the revised version is the new sets of Meta Kart Racers gold and platinum NFTs that will be usable for MEMAG games. According to the latest announcements, the game will go live in July. In addition, the store now supports payments using ETH or MEMAG.

Use the discount code MEMAG20 to get 20% off your purchase when you buy your NFTs this month (MEMAG20 discount code valid until May 18-23).

Rarity determines the base stats of your NFTs

The stats of your NFTs are determined by their rarity. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it forever. MEMAG games are essentially skill-based, and the NFTs align with that principle. You can upgrade in-game assets during gameplay to increase their value, as the metadata of MEMAG ERC 721 NFTs can be updated. But they must be minted separately.

The statistics of the NFTs vary by type. For example, NFT characters have stats like strength, agility, defense, range, and attack. Another major type of NFT is Karts, with stats based on acceleration, top speed, steering, braking, and power.

The Meta Masters Guild ecosystem will be expanded with even more upgrades in the next phases.

  • A highly anticipated milestone for the platform in the third quarter of 2023 will be the ability for holders to sell their NFTs. The NFT upgrades the player makes through gameplay will increase the value.
  • The introduction of MEMAG NFT staking is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023. It allows NFT owners to earn returns by renting out their NFTs to other players.

The Meta Masters Guild is a gaming platform that focuses on the mobile gaming market, empowering developers and gamers of mobile games by bringing them under the same banner. The platform will be home to multiple game projects supported by a shared theme and fun play-to-earn game mechanics.

The first of these is Meta Kart Racers, which is currently under development at Gamearound – a UK-based team of Web3 game developers. A fully playable lite version of the game is expected to go live in June or July this year, as development is already in sprint two out of five. The rapid development gives the project more credibility.

In the mobile phone-based PVP racing game, players compete against each other in the Meta Kart Championship. Meta Kart Racers stands out from most play-to-earn games because the emphasis is on gameplay rather than how big your investment is. The game features a player-driven upgrade cycle that earns real rewards. Once the lite version of the game is available, players will be able to share their feedback with the developers. The creators will then make improvements and add new features and elements, such as new tracks, karts and characters.

Meta Masters Guild has two more games coming up with a similar theme but with unique gameplay. Raid NFT is a turn based fantasy fighting game. Another game is Meta Masters World, a metaverse for MEMAG members in an expansive virtual world. In the game, you can explore the virtual world, collect resources, participate in competitions and much more.

MEMAG token burning is live

The Meta Masters Guild has started the token burn of its own cryptocurrency MEMAG. The program covers a total of 150 million tokens, burning 50 million tokens every two weeks until the total of 150 million is reached. The tokens are drawn from the ecosystem and the marketplace in equal numbers. At the time of writing, $650,000 worth of MEMAG has been destroyed.

The token burn mechanism aims to increase the sustainable value of the token for the benefit of early investors. In addition, Meta Masters Guild has also started MEMAG staking with nice rewards for investors. It comes with three strike pools as follows.

While the 7-day pool offers the most attractive returns and should not be missed, the other two pools are more sustainable. They provide good returns for MEMAG holders while not messing up the MEMAG economy.

Can MEMAG rise 10X?

Meta Masters Guild stands out in the busy play-to-earn market with its focus on skills rather than the investment. MEMAG’s usefulness lies in the growing mobile games market, which has a strong need for interesting crypto games. With the Meta Kart Racer scheduled to launch in July and the NFT store already live, MEMAG looks set to have a strong bull run this year, with 10X certainly looking possible.

You can now buy MEMAG on major crypto exchanges such as Bitmart, XT.com, Hitbtc, Bilaxy, and Uniswap.


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Buy MEMAG NFTs: memag.io

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