In the world there are millions of businesses, ventures and small companies that want to consolidate and for this they have to resort to technology to increase their chances of survival. Companies like Goal announce new tools to improve the way small businesses connect with their customers and identify prospects.

Every week, more than a billion people connect with a company account through Meta’s messaging services. And in this digital age, nearly 71% (7 out of 10 people) want to be able to communicate with businesses the same way they do with their friends and family.

Tools to improve the comprehensive management of lead generation

Meta is using its messaging expertise to simplify and improve the way people and businesses communicate with each other through their apps. The company launches new tools to help small businesses get better results throughout the customer service process, from generating higher-quality leads to improving incremental sales and achieving higher customer satisfaction. customers at a lower cost.

To improve the comprehensive management of lead generation on our platform, they are launching:

  • Filtering leads with instant forms: Businesses will soon be able to chase leads that are more promising with lead filtering in Lead Ads Instant Forms. The answers to a multiple choice question can be used to filter out leads that may not be a good fit for them.
  • creative flexibility– We are testing a more flexible and customizable Instant Form, which allows businesses to add visuals and content to the form. This way, they can share more visual information about their business and spark people’s interest.
  • Noted content: Businesses will soon be able to offer exclusive, relevant content to people who fill out the Lead Ads instant form. For example, companies will be able to provide additional resources (such as downloading a brochure for car or product prices) directly from the lead ad form, without redirecting to their website.


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