Home Business Meta is working on an AI that will compete with OpenAI

Meta is working on an AI that will compete with OpenAI

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GoalParent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, developed a new system Yoartificial intelligence (AI) that will compete ChatGPT by OpenAI. This model could be ready in 2024 and is said to be more powerful than GPT-4, the language in which the OpenAI chatbot works.

According to a report published by The Wall Street JournalThe Mark Zuckerberg-led company is strengthening its infrastructure with the creation of a new data center and the acquisition of Nvidia chips for artificial intelligence tasks. The goal is for this language model to be available next year.

Reference actor in generative AI

This is a strategic move by Meta to establish itself as a leading player in the world of generative AI. A few months ago, Meta launched its most advanced artificial intelligence model to date, Llama 2, co-developed with Microsoft. Open source and free for researchers and companies.

The company continues its commitment to open source by allowing anyone to use this AI system. Its advantages include promoting innovation and facilitating the creation of several text generation tools based on this model.

Furthermore, Meta is not the only company investing in this market. On the other hand, Amazon is relying on generative AI, while Apple is simultaneously investing millions of euros in this technology.

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