Meta has to pay Norway 90,000 euros a day

The The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has fined Meta (Facebook and Instagram) almost $100,000 per day. from violate the protection of users’ personal data, as they would send personalized ads based on your online activity and location. A ban issued by the APDN has been in force since August to prevent the collection of sensitive personal data and the creation of invasive profiles.

This economic sanction It follows another ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Unionwhich accused Meta of illegally obtaining user data without their express consent.

Out of On August 14th, Meta will be forced to pay the daily fine to the Norwegian data protection authorities as long as it continues to extract user data through its platform for advertising purposes.

Norway vs. Meta

Norway’s battle against Meta dates back to July 17, when the Norwegian regulator told the Mark Zuckerberg-led company that it had to stop tracking users’ online activity and geolocating users for advertising purposes. These advertising measures violate the data protection regulations applicable in the European Union.

Meta announced on August 4th a Change in legal basis who support them personalized ads on Facebook and Instagram to offer users in the European Union (EU) a consent-based model and therefore comply with it General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the EU. However, this happened just before the deadline set by the Court of Justice of the European Union, which is why the Scandinavian country wanted to take action.

«The Norwegian Data Protection Authority does not prohibit personalized advertising on Facebook or Instagram as such. For example, the decision does not prevent Meta from serving targeted advertising based on a user’s biographical information, such as location, gender and age, or based on the user’s self-declared interests. The decision also does not prevent Meta from displaying behavioral advertising to users who have provided valid consent» explained Tobias Judin, head of the international department of the regulator.

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Norway is not directly part of the European Community ClubThey can therefore base their data protection measures on the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, but they can also make national decisions. In this case, they concluded that “The criteria for urgent action in this case are met, particularly because Meta recently received both a decision and a judgment against him to which he has not complied«, but they claim that «In the future, after the summer, we may take the matter to the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), of which we are a member. The EDPB decides whether the decision can be extended beyond the original validity period of three months«.

Meta and behavioral advertising

The numerous restrictions that Meta faces in its advertising sector have a negative impact on the company. Companies in various categories spend significant amounts of money on Facebook and Instagram every year to target their ads specific target groups thanks to comprehensive monitoring of user activity.

Meta would now prepare to appeal the ruling as they believed they had reached an agreement with the changes made on August 4th.

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