Meta begins paying out profits while Mark Zuckerberg continues to receive lawsuits

Goal has achieved record profits. The owner of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp has started distributing profits to shareholders. His owner, Mark ZuckerbergHe will make $700 million.

He’s never had a good time financially, but money may not make him happy. Be The picture is on the floor due to the addiction and privacy issues of their networks. Daniel LopezPartner at Ecija Abogados, points out that Facebook’s measures are not enough to alleviate the anxiety and depression of underage users.

This is converted into Pile of sugar This was most clearly demonstrated by a cascade of lawsuits in the US representing Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Which led him to apologize to dozens of families this Thursday. In the same room, he denied that his social networks were the cause of these problems. “Scientific work has proven no connection,” he said.

Although he has acknowledged this through his platforms False reports creep in. However, he always rejects the fact that they were decisive. During the storming of the Capitol, for example, he shrugged off his guilt. It is expected that Zuckerberg will continue to earn more in the future, but also that the cascade of lawsuits will continue. A bright future covered in clouds

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