Meta and Pinterest bet on Retail Media to improve their advertising effectiveness

Meta will incorporate tools to regulate the position of the ads

More and more companies are seeing the retail media as a great ally for improve your advertising effectiveness and thus offer more effective campaigns to advertisers. It is the case of Goal Y pinterest. Both companies have announced agreements that will allow brands to harness sales data for their shopper marketing campaigns.

On the one hand, pinterest has reported the agreement reached with LiveRamp and the Albertsons supermarket chain, which will make it possible to offer brands that advertise on Pinterest first-party data from the retailer for their campaigns on the platform. As the company has detailed in a statement, this collaboration will be an ongoing initiative to offer closed-loop reports for the brands that participate in the Albertsons Media Collective, your Retail Media network. For starters, the team is launching a winter healthy eating campaign, which measures crucial metrics like return on ad spend (ROAS).

“Data privacy is a top priority for Albertsons Media Collective and we are excited to pilot this new initiative with a trusted partner. While our initial test is focused on enabling closed-loop measurement, this partnership will ultimately provide our team with a more holistic view of our customers’ fingerprint to unlock more advanced measurement capabilities in the future.”has explained Kristi Argyilan, Senior Vice President of Albertsons Media Collective.

In the same line, for Kimberly Bloomston, Senior Vice President of Product at LiveRamp, “It is an exciting opportunity to meet the strict privacy requirements of media owners like Pinterest and the advanced analytics needs of retailers like Albertsons”.

Besides, Meta has announced its partnership with IRIa repository of product-level sales data from a group of retailers, to incorporate the solution Ansa Measurement Solution and provide Facebook and Instagram advertisers with brand and product level sales performance data for their shopper marketing campaigns.

Specifically, it is a SaaS platform Designed specifically for shopper marketing, providing proprietary analytics from campaigns to retailer SKUs spanning hundreds of US manufacturers and retailers. As the company has detailed, “Ansa automatically targets, optimizes, and measures campaigns based on store-level sales”. In this way, the specialists behind the Facebook and Instagram campaigns will have the measurement of their impact automatically at the end.

“Nearly two-thirds of FMCG sellers and retail buyers use Instagram and Facebook to drive category and brand sales. Ansa will allow data-driven to reach buyers on Meta platforms in a more profitable, flexible and scalable way than ever before. It will allow them to reach the right people at the right time in their shopping journey, and make it easier for them to buy online and in stores.”has pointed out Jennifer Pelino, executive vice president of global media solutions for IRI.


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