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Meta allows you to separate accounts from your different services

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Tech companies continue to make changes to their services to adapt to the new Digital Markets Law (LMD). Mark Zuckerberg’s company has announced that EU users can now do this Choose whether or not to link your Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accountsto prevent data from being exchanged between each other. In this way they comply with the rules and can avoid a new sanction from the European Union.

Meta has made it possible to link the profiles of the company’s various social networks and services to collect and network information. This has helped them personalize ads, provide the user with better recommendations for relevant content or share publications between social networks.

It should be noted that unlinking accounts will not affect the data analysis conducted by Meta on social media platforms to understand users’ usage behavior. However, it is no longer possible to use content displayed on Facebook to serve personalized advertising on Instagram and vice versa.

The company has expressed its support for the LMD and says it continues to work to comply with the regulations: “We are committed to continuing to work hard to ensure that meta products in the EU comply with the DML and deliver value to people – we have assembled a great, cross-functional team made up of senior staff from around the world and across our Application family exists. to achieve that«.

Which meta services will be most affected?

Mark Zuckerberg’s company has announced that starting in the coming weeks, users will begin “Notifications informing you that you can choose whether to share information between our services«. At this point, they can decide whether they want to continue to retain the linked information.

Some of the platforms that will be most affected are the following:

In the case of Meta’s messaging platform, Facebook delivery boyPeople who use Facebook Messenger can unlink their Facebook accounts. This allows them to use Messenger as a standalone app without their Facebook information to send messages, make voice calls, and send multimedia content.

Users of the Facebook service Marketplace, they can also unlink their Facebook account and continue using it. Once users unlink the platforms, they can use Marketplace to browse product listings and buy and sell items. The difference is that communication between buyers and sellers occurs via email instead of Facebook Messenger.

People playing games on Facebook Gaming They can use their Facebook information for the games they play on Gaming, giving them access to features such as multiplayer games, in-game purchases and personalized game suggestions. People who choose not to use their Facebook information for the games they play on Facebook can play some single-player games.

Finally, keep in mind that account information is used to ship to you Advertisement Personalized only ends for users who opt for the subscription option, which the company introduced in November 2023 and which costs between 9.99 and 12.99 euros per month. Unsubscribed users will continue to receive personalized advertising, but their information will not be shared between platforms.

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