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Businesses are looking for ways to navigate economic uncertainty as they navigate changes to the platform and their privacy. Starting today, Meta is launching new tools of Target Advantage to help all advertisers harness the power of AI and automation, maximizing the return on your ad spend. Following up on the company’s announcement earlier in the year, we are now introducing Advantage+ shopping campaigns for global advertisers.

Meta has discovered that 52% of consumers are looking to find brands and products they haven’t heard of, but that match your shopping preferences. Through Advantage+ solutions, advertisers can harness the power of AI to deliver more relevant campaigns to the people who matter most to their business.

Presentation of the Advantage+ shopping campaigns

Advantage+ shopping campaigns help advertisers get smarter and faster about the campaigns they convert. Eliminate manual steps ad creation and automate up to 150 creative combinations at once. This helps advertisers find out more quickly which ads are workingwhile making the most of your advertising budget.

The Advantage+ shopping campaign tool, which became available to e-commerce and retail advertisers on August 15, offers advertisers new ways to optimize campaigns. These, use AI to automate the project creation process and is based on new machine learning models.

In a study of 15 A/B tests, Meta found that shopping campaigns from Advantage+ generated 12% less cost per purchase conversion compared to advertisers’ Business as Usual ads. With these savings, companies can reinvest in their marketing strategies and drive customer acquisition and sales more efficiently.

Advertisers such as Prose, a bespoke hair care company, and Rothy’s, a global lifestyle brand that creates eco-friendly shoes and bags, have used Advantage+ shopping campaigns to reach new customers and drive sales.

  • “Ads are a critical tool for reaching our customers and driving growth. With Meta Advantage+ shopping campaigns, we were able to grow our business by automating our targeting and campaign creativity with less manual setup, freeing up time to focus on other areas of our business.. After initially testing Advantage+ shopping campaigns earlier this year, we’ve allocated more of our budget to these ads as we’ve seen continued performance and lower CPA.”. – Patrick Bensen, Vice President of Growth at Prose
  • “Meta’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns have exceeded our growth efficiency targets. After several tests, we have been able to achieve higher performance at scale to buy and re-engage with existing customers using less manual input and by relying on machine learning and product automation. We have incorporated the product into our marketing strategy to drive sales on new product launches and continued support for our existing products. We are excited about the continued evolution of Meta automation products for performance-focused advertisers.”. – Cameron Aroz, Director of User Acquisition at Rothy’s
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Bringing automation to small businesses

Small businesses will also be able to use Advantage+ creative and Advantage audience to create ads through their Facebook page. These tools help them save time and money in knowing which ad is performing best.

  • Advantage+ creative automatically adjusts the creative of the ad for each person who sees it. This helps show them the version they’re most likely to look at, leading to better ad performance.
  • Advantage audience creates a personalized experience based on your profile details and automatically adjusts to help you reach the most relevant people with your ad.

Starting now, small businesses can tap into the creativity of Advantage+ and their audience when they create ads from their Facebook Page.

Additional updates to Advantage+ solutions

  • Advantage+ App Campaigns: Meta added several new features to Advantage+ App campaigns, helping advertisers increase the performance of install campaigns. These updates include greater creative flexibility with asset matching and improved stability, 7-day click attribution capabilities to improve the performance of campaigns with longer conversion windows, split testing capabilities to identify strategies effective and more granular information with reports at the region and ad level.
  • Creativity Advantage+: Advertisers now have more options to optimize their creative in Ads Manager. When an advertiser uploads an image or video for a campaign, they can create multiple optimized versions of an ad’s standard enhancements to make the viewer more likely to respond. They are also starting to test a new enhancement, which will add music from the sound catalog, to image-based ads, creating a more immersive experience for placement in Reels ads.
  • Coming soon: Stores as a destination for Advantage+ shopping campaigns: Soon, US businesses with a checkout-enabled store will have the option to add it as a destination for Advantage+ shopping campaigns. The power of AI will be used to direct users to the seller’s store or website, depending on which is most likely to succeed.

Across all technologies, the company’s research into AI-driven discovery has helped them create a more relevant social experience, connecting people to the things they care about. With these updates, Meta is using the same power of AI and machine learning-driven discovery to improve the experience for advertisers as well.

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