Messi, Taliban, Burqas and Qatar money on Charlie Hebdo’s new cover

The French satirical magazine charlie hebdo took to the streets with an issue whose cover blends the Taliban’s triumph in Afghanistan with the furor over Lionel Messi’s arrival at Paris Saint-Germain. Cartoonist Biche shows three people, maybe women, wearing a burka, with the name Messi and the number 30 on the back, like the shirt of the Argentine PSG.

“Taliban. It was worse than thought,” reads the cover headline, which puts the magnifying glass in the fact that the PSG belongs to Qatar sheikhs, and Qatar is accused of financing fundamentalist groups in the Arab world.

In fact, Messi played several seasons in Barcelona with publicity for Qatar Airlines in shirt. For now, PSG has not reacted against this cover and the intrinsic idea that the sales of Parisian club T-shirts with Messi’s name and the number 30 help finance Afghanistan’s new rulers. Nasser Al-Khela├»fi, president of PSG, is a man very close to the Qatari royal family, which finances the national team in the French capital.

The satirical magazine was particularly critical of Islam and this led to in a tragedy on January 7, 2015, when twelve people were murdered within its newsroom, in retaliation for its corrosive humor against Muslim fanaticism.


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