Messi and his possible return to FC Barcelona

The Argentine star Leo Messiwho now militates in the PSGDespite his unrecognizable state of form, he is still the last Ballon d’Or winner and one of the most prolific players in football worldwide. One of the best players in the history of this sport, who came out of FC Barcelona and that he could return to spend his last days in what has always been his home.

Although it is true that Messi deliberately left FC Barcelona, ​​it was due to the lack of liquidity of the Barça club, since the Argentine star never had in his mind to leave the club that took him to the top, with which he has achieved great deeds , like winning a Champions League, a League or even getting a treble.

Messi could return to FC Barcelona

Now there is a rumor that assures that the practically forced march of Leo Messi could in turn mean his return to FC Barcelona next season, and it is that the Argentine would have left with the aim that the Blaugrana settle their accounts and his motivation would be to return to the team that his friend and former teammate now directs, Xavi Hernandez. Barcelona is Messi’s home and retiring there has always been his wish, so the Argentine would be willing to return to squeeze the most out of him in the final stretch of his football career.

Perhaps this is the reason for his apparent lack of motivation and poor fitness in the Paris Saint-Germain, where he has not yielded even half of what he could, still being an important player in the French team. Let us remember that the Argentine ends his contract this year with the Parisian team, so his return to Can Barça could have even been agreed so that the club had room for economic maneuver and the Argentine star would return at the end of his contract with PSG.

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