Merchants will give discounts to police

The Ministry of Interior and Police reached a new agreement with the Dominican Federation of Merchants (FDC) for the expansion of commercial establishments that will offer discounts to law enforcement officers on their purchasesdiscounts that also increase from 6% to 10% throughout the country.

This agreement was signed in the presence of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, by the Minister of the Interior, Jesús Vásquez Martínez, the Director of the Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then, and the President of the FDC, Iván García, at the ceremony to celebrate the 48th anniversary of the entity that brings together merchants.

According to the document, the purpose is to offer all members of the body of order that are registered in the database provided by the National Police, discounts of up to 10% on the purchase of products in establishments affiliated with the FDCupon presentation of the police identification card of the consuming agents.

The Police is committed to delivering a digital relationship with the personal data (names and ID numbers) of the staff belonging to the institution, to be used as a database by the signatory companies for the execution of this agreement, as explained by Minister Vásquez Martínez.

“Since our arrival at Interior and Police, we have spared no effort to dignify the police career and improve the quality of life of agents of order, even in the midst of the pandemic, with everything and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and now with the effects of Hurricane Fiona passing through the country, we continue to advance in the claims to have more motivated members in the institution,” he said. Chu Vasquez.

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He added that, the agreement with the merchants is added to the discount cards that the police already have from three supermarket chains which are Olé, Plaza Lama and La Sirena, where they also obtain important benefits on their purchases.

The president of the FDC valued the rapprochement between merchants and authorities, which he said is a stimulus for strengthening citizen security.

I support President Luis Abinader.
Iván García stated that President Abinader has the full support of the merchants and that they also support the management of the Minister of the Interior and the Director of the Police. He added that with this new agreement there are already more than 200 affiliated establishments that will benefit the agents, of the 1,715 that the FDC groups.

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