Merchants say consumers pay 68% of what the State collects

The commercial sector affiliated with the National Council of Merchants and Entrepreneurs of the Dominican Republic (Conacerd), expressed its support for a comprehensive tax reform, but towarned that you should avoid recording mass consumption products to prevent lower income consumers from being affected.

In a note sent to the media, Conacerd stated that they are consumers who currently pay more than 68% of the taxes collected by the State in terms of ITBIS, since they cannot transfer that economic burden.

According to its president Antonio Cruz Rojas, a comprehensive tax reform should cover assets, liabilities, income and expenses. "This will allow us to know the country both inside and out. This will give us clear evidence of what we can do and plan, according to Law 1-12 of the National Development Strategy.".

The merchant warned President Luis Abinader not to repeat the mistakes of the reform carried out in 2012, which taxed alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and wines with high taxes, which led to an increase in smuggling and counterfeiting of these products.

Cruz Rojas also reminded the President that this practice, that is, the counterfeiting, adulteration of alcoholic beverages and the high cost of cigarettes, generated an illegal market for products in the national market, which cost the industry more than RD $ 3.5 billion in revenue. and RD $ 2,500 million of income to the Dominican State.

"In Conacerd we reiterate the discussion in the Economic and Social Council (CES), of a comprehensive tax reform that addresses, in addition to the variables described, tax exemptions without just cause, subsidies to large emporiums and tax evasion".

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