Mercedes’ plan to sink Red Bull: super signing of Toto Wolff

The German brand has everything ready to reverse the bad start to the season

The Formula 1 World Cup has started with few surprises regarding the head of the race. However, Mercedes must turn its team around and has ruled on this Toto Wolffwho is aware that the problem is not with the pilots, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, and is already looking for solutions.

The car driven by Hamilton and Russell has many shortcomings and Mercedes is the leading team furthest from the speed of Max Verstappen and Sergio Checo Pérez and so, Toto Wolff has already tied a signing that will make their drivers and their cars better, Jayne Poole.

toto wolff mercedes
The boss of Mercedes will go for a key signing in Red Bull

Toto Wolff’s bet for Mercedes to be the most winning team of the moment

Poole is the former director of human resources for the Austrian team. That is, the person in charge of hiring the mechanics in charge of building and improving the car. With her signing, he joins an expert in the world of Formula 1, whose advice will be key to the development of the car.

Red Bull’s former human resources director He has come to the Mercedes team to identify the shortcomings and improve the most depleted areas of the team to get more out of the car. Wolff blindly trusts her and has been very happy that he has joined his team.

Now the biggest problem is the future of Lewis Hamilton

He is a person whom I have admired for the last ten years.. He worked for Red Bull and his role had a very important influence on the team’s success. He is a great addition”. The arrival of Poole should serve to turn around the situation of a Mercedes away from Aston Martin.

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A fact that is beginning to frustrate Lewis Hamilton, who is rethinking his future on the German brand. His contract ends this year and it has not yet been decided and the unpredictable nature of the Briton could mean that he will leave the Mercedes team in search of a more competitive team.

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