Mercedes Favorite Candidate: Carlos Sainz Likely New Signing

F1 Market Open as Carlos Sainz’s Future Remains Uncertain

The Formula One market is more open than it appears, with several teams vying for the services of Carlos Sainz. The future of the Spanish driver is uncertain, with options ranging from Williams to Alpine and even Mercedes.

Ralf Schumacher Thinks Mercedes is Still a Possibility

According to Ralf Schumacher, the doors have been reopened for Sainz to join Mercedes. The former German driver believes that Toto Wolff’s initial statements about Kimi Antonelli were not a coincidence, and that the situation has changed again. Schumacher, who has close ties to Mercedes, thinks that Sainz is still a viable option for the team.

Max Verstappen’s Case Appears Unlikely

While Max Verstappen remains the dream of Red Bull, his case appears unlikely, given his own statements ruling it out. However, internal conflicts at Red Bull could still lead to a change of heart.

Sainz Emerges as Top Choice for Mercedes

Schumacher has emerged as a key figure in the F1 world, with his insights into the teams providing valuable information. He believes that Sainz is the most likely choice to be George Russell’s teammate in 2025, putting the Spanish driver back on Mercedes’ radar.

Many Open Fronts

As Sainz’s future remains uncertain, many teams are waiting for him to make a decision. However, several teams are closing their roster, seeking to make a decision before the summer break. Schumacher believes that Sainz’s situation is becoming increasingly difficult.


The future of Carlos Sainz remains uncertain, with several teams vying for his services. While Mercedes may be a possibility, Schumacher’s statement is cautious, acknowledging that everything can change. The door is open for Sainz at Alpine and Mercedes, leaving his future uncertain until a decision is made.

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