“Mercedes does half a race with the soft one and we don’t even touch it”

Suffered tenth for Sainz in Great Britain that went wrong with the safety car in the middle of the race. The Spaniard was fighting for sixth or seventh with Leclerc, but Magnussen’s breakdown gave those who had not yet stopped an advantage and left him off the hook with an unuseful hard tire. “There are days in F1 when things go like this. He wasn’t having a bad race, he had extended the first ‘stint’, I was going with the medium and then with the hard and I could try to overtake Charles (Leclerc) because it came much faster. But the safety car came out at the worst moment for me, I had no wheels and I went backwards”, explained Carlos.

Pérez, Leclerc and Albon passed him in one lap when he lost traction when defending himself from the Mexican: “Checo has passed me, bad luck that with a used hard wheel you find a Red Bull with a soft wheel. As soon as it happened to me I dirty the wheels and from there I went backwards because with the hard one you go with the hook. As soon as it happened to me, I went to the position where I was going to end up anyway.” “There was a lot of wind. It was difficult to steer the car in some corners and you pay for it with pace. Together with Barcelona, ​​this was one of the most difficult circuits for us”, he adds. The Ferrari fell apart again with the degradation: “When Mercedes does half the race with the soft tire and we don’t even want to touch it… it shows that we continue to crush the tire and you pay for it with the strategy.”

And what do you expect in Hungary? “We will go a little better. It will depend on the wind, the heat, but we will go better. The car we have will do well on some circuits, like it was in Austria. Today we should have finished sixth or seventh, but we were unlucky with the safety car. It will be race by race. Aston Martins or McLarens will go faster than us sometimesOthers will be Mercedes and us, another than just Mercedes as in Barcelona. Behind Red Bull there will be changes in all the races and the fight will be beautiful”.

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