MEO will have to lower prices on these offers

In a statement, the National Communications Authority (ANACOM) reveals that it decided to lower the prices of the monthly installments of the reference offers for access to pipelines (ORAC) and access to masts (ORAP).

The maximum monthly prices in ORAC are reduced by 35%, while in ORAP they are reduced by 20%. This was a draft decision approved on February 15, and the MEO operator is the main target.

This “aims to ensure that all the wholesale offers in question comply with the obligation imposed on MEO, as it has significant power in the respective wholesale market.” In this way, the “promotion of competition and the development and installation of very high capacity networks” is ensured.

Both ORAC and ORAP are essential instruments for promoting sustained competition in the markets for electronic communications networks and services. They are even more important in promoting investment in high-capacity networks by MEO’s competitors.


ANACOM’s objective is to promote similar conditions to MEO’s competitors

This project contributes “to reducing the cost of implementing high capacity networks”. In this way, all operators have similar conditions to “invest in the development of their own infrastructure”.

For consumers, it means sustained growth in the “levels of coverage of the national territory by the high-capacity networks of the different operators.” Portugal thus becomes one of the Member States of the European Union with the best coverage of this type of network.

In the future, ANACOM assumes the right to make other changes or adjustments to ORAC and ORAP prices. “The draft decision will be submitted to a prior hearing and public consultation for 20 business days,” concludes ANACOM.

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