MEO updates prices in Portugal with this message to customers

MEO updates prices in Portugal with this message to customers

THE telecommunications price in Portugal it was recently revised upwards, with updates primarily reflecting the rate of inflation, among other added costs. Whether it is MEO (Altice Portugal), NOS or Vodafone Portugal, we have a general increase in the three largest operators.

In fact, according to ECO, Vodafone and NOS will also apply the same price increase to their telecommunications plans and rates in Portugal.

But it is reported that these the increases can reach 5 euros per month for MEO clients, depending on the plan and contracted services.

Price update and valid from February 2023

Good afternoon! Price changes are made based on market conditions and the rate of inflation, which are anticipated in the MEO Services Terms. For more information, please use the official contacts at ^JR

– MEO (@MEOpt) January 20, 2023

The decision has been made and will be implemented very soon, starting next month.

“In recent months we have witnessed a substantial and widespread increase in prices, which has had a strong impact on family and business budgets.

The telecommunications sector was no exception, as it was also significantly affected, especially with the rising costs of energy, fuel, logistics and equipments. The latter is closely related to the chip shortagefundamental in our sector of activity.

This is a reality that has been verified since 2021.

Until now we have been absorbing this increase in costs, not reflecting it in the prices of our services. However, so that we can continue to provide you with a quality service, it is inevitable that we will update the monthly fee for our services, as stipulated in the contract.

In this way, following our previous communication and after the publication by the INE – National Institute of Statistics of the last Consumer’s price index for a full calendar year, with reference to the date of this communication, we inform you that the monthly fee for your service No. 9…… will be updated by 1.00 EurVAT included.”

Portuguese consumers lose competitiveness in Europe

The rest of the operators must also make price “adjustments” with increases of around 7.8%, therefore in line with the value of inflation for 2023.

In short, despite all the justifications presented, the truth is that we are increasingly far from the existing competitiveness in other European nations. Specifically, citing countries like Spain, France or Italy where mobile rates are especially competitive.

*price increase*NOS / MEO / VODAFONE

—Lopes (@EnredadosLopes) January 19, 2023


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