MEO, NOS and Vodafone Portugal: this was the favorite operator of the Portuguese in the 1st semester

In Portugal, during the first half of 2021, the Portuguese preferred the MEO, brand of Altice Portugal. This operator not only increased its advantage over competitors such as U.S and Vodafone Portugal as well as reinforcing the service.

The conclusions are now disclosed by Altice Portugal itself, through a press release, reporting on the data collected by ANACOM. In fact, it was the Portuguese communications market regulator who attributed the “victory” to the company led by Alexandre da Fonseca.

Altice Portugal led the 1st semester in Portugal thanks to the operator MEO

Altice Portugal MEO operator

These are the latest reports published by ANACOM with data related to electronic communications services in the 1st semester of 2021. Indicators that once again reinforce the clear leadership of MEO, the Altice Portugal brand. Prominent position assumed in all communication services in Portugal.

In addition to the leadership of the telecommunications market in Portugal, there is also the leadership as the operator with the fewest complaints in relative terms. In fact, according to the sector regulator (ANACOM), MEO is the operator with the fewest number of complaints per 1000 customers. In absolute terms, as a consequence of the greater number of clients, it is one of the ones that registers the most complaints.

Still, in the second quarter of 2021, MEO had the lowest complaint rate (1.1 per thousand customers). Likewise, it is also the operator with the greatest decrease in claims (-14%).

During this period, according to ANACOM, NOS was the most reported supplier. 6,500 complaints were registered, 35% of complaints from the sector. In practice, it was the only operator among the most denounced whose complaints increased, in homologous terms, by 13%.

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The activation of services without consent increased for the second consecutive period in complaints against NOS (+4 percentage points).

Altice Portugal leads the market away from NOS and Vodafone Portugal

At the end of the 1st semester, 78.1% of the families had subscribed to high-speed services in a fixed location. See detailed information in the report published today by ANACOM. Statistics#highspeednetworks

– ANACOM (@_ANACOM_) September 14, 2021

At the end of the 1st half of 2021, MEO was the provider with the highest proportion of subscribers to the subscription TV signal distribution service (40.4%). In practice, we saw growth of +0.5 pp compared to the same period last year.

In short, the leading Portuguese operator continues to increase its advantage over the second operator. This after exceeding the number of subscribers in the second quarter of 2020.

MEO continues to hold the leadership in the Fixed Telephony Service (42.0%); in Mobile Services (44.5%); in Fixed Broadband (38.9%) and in Service Packages (40.8%).

The operator NOS registered more complaints in absolute terms

The company relies on the leadership of Altice Portugal and its brands, such as: Altice Empresas, MEO, MOCHE and SAPO – in all the service and communications segments in Portugal.

In the youth segment, MOCHE ensures a unique position in the market. It does so through its irreverence and a diversified offer of products and services.

Finally, in Digital, SAPO, for 26 years earning the trust of the Portuguese, maintains its leadership as the preferred portal of the Portuguese.

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