MEO customers have free access to these services that you do not have in NOS and Vodafone

The Christmas season and the hottest season of the year may be about to end. But that does not prevent you from wanting to enjoy free time, outdoors, with the good company of a book. It is with this in mind that the latest MEO action arrives.

Thinking of its book-loving customers, the MEO brand offers all its customers two months of access to new reading formats through the Kobo Plus e_LeYa platform. The objective is to promote the reading habit through new digital formats.

MEO customers with 60 days free access to Kobo Plus e_LeYa

MEO thus takes advantage of the annual edition of the Lisbon Book Fair, and joins Kobo and LeYa, for this exclusive offer of 60 days of use of Kobo Plus e_LeYa. This is the first digital literature platform in Portugal.

meo kobo leya

This service was created by the LeYa and Rakuten Kobo publishing group, a world leader in the sale and publication of electronic books and audiobooks, and was launched in 2021. There you can count on exclusive content and works in high demand, not only in Portuguese but also in Portuguese. in other foreign languages.

In this era in which many people dedicate their free time to digital leisure, Altice once again recalls the importance of valuing reading as a condition for the free exercise of cultural citizenship.

From music to cinema, passing through art, literature, heritage, gastronomy or sports, the Altice group brands have supported projects and initiatives that demonstrate their connection with the country and the Portuguese language.

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The Lisbon Book Fair takes place between August 25 and September 11, in Parque Eduardo VII.

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