Home Sports Mendilibar: “We are not as good as we could be”

Mendilibar: “We are not as good as we could be”

Mendilibar: "We are not as good as we could be"

José Luis Mendilibar took stock of his team’s two defeats in the club’s official media and did not put any heat on the team’s current situation. “We are not as good as we thought we could be. I think that yesterday and today we could have played better. I think it is difficult for us to enter the parties And that means that they always score against us. It seems that we start to herd when they score a goal against us. We have to generate us before they generate us. You have to push from the beginning because in the United States there will also be preparatory games but they will not forgive you and we will be just about to start LaLiga. You have to compete from minute 1 to minute 90. In these games the normal thing is to be worse at the end, but we haven’t started well”.

Mendilibar does not draw positive conclusions from Sevilla’s passage through Germany: “The only good thing about the trip to Germany is that I think Pedro Ortiz has nothing and that we can all train. Our idea in these games is for the players to let us know if they have any problems changing them”.

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