Mendilibar: “It would be crazy not to continue”

José Luis Mendilibar, Sevilla coach, was clear when assessing the title achieved by his team in Budapest: “I still don’t believe it, but we have received the trophy and they have given us the medal. It will take me a while to assimilate it.”

vision of mourning: “We started badly, playing on foot, without looking for spaces or centers. They were comfortable, but in the second half we have changed. We were more intense, we reached the area and scored the tie. Little was played in extra time…”.

penalty shootout: “It was more or less clear who was going to shoot. They have changed the order between them at some point

Future: “We’ll see what happens, now we have to enjoy this moment and in Seville with all the Sevilla fans”.

Renewal: “I am very comfortable here, it is wonderful to work with these kids, they have assimilated everything quickly. It would be crazy not to continue… That they are going to offer it to me? If it can be. We are going to enjoy this, I don’t know if we will renew or not but I don’t care either. The job was well done and that’s it. I appreciate the opportunity the club has given me. There it is. If we reach an agreement, great.”

Arbitration. “An Englishman has refereed us, who allows us to continue the game a lot. I don’t know if their goal was preceded by a foul. We each sweep home. Mou says that the referee seemed Spanish? I think it’s good that he said it ”.

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