Mendilibar and Vinicius: “It’s being fashionable and talking doesn’t help”

What is your idea against Madrid?

The idea is the same that we have been having in recent games. Few people will repeat from the last one, and we think they won’t play the 90 minutes. During duels things happen, like in Elche, and sometimes you can’t do what you had in mind. We will try to win to continue climbing the table, knowing that it is very difficult and that nothing bad such as expulsion or injury can happen. Madrid is a great team and I imagine that they would prefer to finish second rather than third.

Are Marcao, Nianzou and Jordán available?

The three will be summoned, two as lumps and the other with the possibility of helping.

How does Sevilla abstract from everything that can surround the duel?

Thank God we have important games and we think about each game two days before, the same with this one. We only think about sports, who can play among them and nothing else.

Do you send a message of calm to the fans?

Let it be taken as one more game, you don’t have to go crazy. Madrid is coming, nobody else.

Do you think that if Vinicius didn’t play for Madrid the same things would happen?

I don’t know. It is what it is, period.

Is it a good occasion for the fans to send a message against racism?

We are against everything bad that can happen. This is now being a fashion. We are going to talk about football and with the questions and what I am answering we do not help anything.

Is it the first time that you will make an eleven thinking more about Budapest than about this duel?

Normally we always think about the day that we have but having a final in four days you also think about it. But you can schedule many things and have others happen that upset your plans, as happened with Gueye in Elche.

How do you convince the players to put their leg in four days before the final?

If I see that they don’t compete against Madrid, they still don’t start against Roma. If they don’t put their foot in and the ones I take out don’t fight, they still have less chances to play later. We have to compete and no one says that by playing two per hour or not putting your foot in you won’t get injured. The one who jumps onto the field is going to play to the fullest. The injury comes to you, no matter how you play. Whoever jumps will be fine.

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Is the dressing room motivated?

The rival helps people to be motivated. We play against Madrid, we don’t want to play dumb against them. You have to run and you have to suffer, otherwise you will surely lose. The player has that self-esteem of saying: ‘we are going to try to beat these’.

We saw him talking to Gueye. Is it necessary to recover it emotionally?

I imagine that it will have affected you and you have to feel it. We have already told her that she has to change the way she plays, here she has been sent off three times in four months, in France none in many years. He doesn’t want to do what he does because he goes to the ball, but he runs over the opponent. He has seen that he cannot be like this and I think he has learned.

Mourinho flattered him. What do you think?

I appreciate what you have said about me. We will greet each other at the beginning and at the end of the game.

Some players have not trained. How are they?

From En-Nesyri, Badé and Fernando, two are going to be called up and some can play. With matches every three days, you don’t even need to train. Waiting for a final everyone wants to be there. It is normal for those who were injured to see that light and want to participate.

How is Corona?

We all wanted him to play more. Circumstances have arisen so that no. On the day of Elche with the expulsion of Pape we preferred that he not have to run and suffer at that moment. We thought that he would play enough minutes in these games. He is exercising well and with joy. He knows that the season is over because even though he plays two games now, it hasn’t been good. I thank him for the face he has on a day-to-day basis and for willingly accepting how he is. We all want him to get well.

Vinicius, Benzema and Asensio have not trained. Does it mean something?

We don’t know if they’re going to play or not. The fact that they do not train in a session does not mean that they will not be called up or play. In the end, if someone is low, you can thank them, but it doesn’t change anything. If they don’t play, it doesn’t condition me. I have the lineup in mind. If nothing strange happens, we already know our eleven, we will not care who travels from them.

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