Starting this month, people affiliated with the National Health Insurance will have to pay RD $ 160.00 more for each additional dependent registered in their Health Risk Manager.

The National Social Security Council (CNSS) increased the per capita from RD $ 1,167.81 to RD $ 1,327.81, through resolution 533-01.

Although this provision of the CNSS was announced at the beginning of October of this year, due to the increase of more than RD $ 52.00 in per capita health, the increase in fees and the coverage of new procedures in the catalog of benefits, the per capita increase to additional dependents of affiliates was little exposed.

In its eighth article, resolution 533-01 orders to approve the per capita increase for affiliates who have additional dependents and points out that they must start paying the new rate as of the November billing.

With this same resolution, the CNSS informed the public of the increase of more than RD $ 52.00 in health per capita, as well as increasing the fees of doctors and integrating the coverage of new procedures.

In addition to the increase in the couta to be paid by workers and employers, the resolution ordered a 20% increase in the fees of doctors for procedures performed on members of the Family Health Insurance (SFS), including surgical assistants and anesthesiologists, and a 30% increase in the internment fee.

A note published by the health editor of the Listín Diario, Doris Pantaleón indicates that with the increase of RD $ 52.49, the per capita of health that is paid to the ARS per affiliate, went from RD $ 1,167.81 to 1,220.30 pesos per month.

The increase, as explained, will not directly harm the affiliates, but will be taken from the funds of the Health Account of the Person that has the system to face the eventualities that may arise.

Representatives of social organizations grouped in the Coalition for a Dignified Social Security showed their indignation at what they describe as a mockery of the privatizers of the social security system to the workers.

Gregorio Moya, leader of the Coalition, said that the ARS are not satisfied with the money that they take from those affiliated with the system with a deficient service that does not offer dignified attention to the population, but that the workers’ pockets continue to bleed and their employers.

“It is time for people to empower themselves of the right they have to decent health services and not continue to allow the abuse of ARS,” Moya told this newspaper.



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