Meloni loses his undefeated record by a handful of votes

The Italian Prime Minister, the far-right Giorgia Meloni, and her government partners minimized this today Election defeat of his candidate in the regional elections in Sardiniain which Alessandra Todde, supported by a center-left coalition, won by a very narrow margin.

Meloni, who suffered his suffering first electoral setback since coming to power a year and a half agoHowever, in a joint statement with his vice-presidents Antonio Tajani and Matteo Salvini, he highlighted the “excellent result of the center-right coalition lists, which achieved 50% of the vote.”

Todde won with 45.3% of the vote, compared to 45% for Paolo Truzzu Candidate of the Brothers of Italy (HdI), Meloni’s partywhat does a mean? Difference of less than 3,000 voteswith the audit almost complete, according to the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

“We regret that the excellent result of the lists of the center-right coalition, which achieved 50% of the vote, was not converted into a victory for the presidential candidate,” point out the three leaders, highlighting “these elections” does not lead to a decline in consensus for the center-right party in Sardinia.”

“But there is still one defeat that we will reflect on together to evaluate the possible mistakes. We will continue to work and learn from both our defeats and our victories,” concluded the three leaders of the governing majority.

Truzzu’s defeat It’s a setback for Meloni, Well, it was forced on Salvini, the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, who supported Christian Salinas, the outgoing president, although he eventually had to give in due to a judicial investigation.

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The result complicates his already delicate relationship with Salvini, who nevertheless suffered a major electoral setback, receiving a disappointing 3.8% of the vote and being almost doubled by Tajani’s third partner in the ruling coalition, the conservative Forza Italia (6, 3%).

“I called Alessandra Todde, President-elect of the Sardinia region, to wish her all the best in her work. I would like to thank Paolo Truzzu and the entire center-right coalition, which with its lists is considered the coalition most chosen by voters.” “Defeats are always a disappointment, but also an opportunity to reflect and improve. We will learn from this too,” Meloni wrote on his social networks.

The new Sardinian president, Five Star Movement (M5S)She was also supported by the Democratic Party (PD), which received 13.8% of the vote, placing itself ahead of the HdI (13.6%) for the first time in a long time. Behind them were M5S (7.8%), Forza Italia (6.3%), the Green-Left Alliance (4.7%) and the Lega (3.8%).

“One thing is certain: the alternative is there. As a minister, exactly one year after the primaries, I couldn’t have asked for a better reason to celebrate. It shows that the direction we are taking is the right one and that stubborn unity pays off.” “We will also face other equally important challenges, because we showed today that the right can be defeated,” explained PD leader Elly Schlein.

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