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Melero “supports” Carvajal and his speech


The Culebron Luis Rubiales continues to be a topic of conversation. After Words by Dani Carvajal An opinion on this subject has now been issued another Premier League soccer player who has given his opinion on the kiss from the former President to Jenni Hermoso.

Daniel Carvajalasked for his opinion on the case RubialesI confirm that Jenni Hermoso cannot consider herself a victim “until the judiciary has ruled”. Moreover, he added that the Spanish footballer’s former president should have a bad time RFEFAlso.

In this sense, the time has come another First Division footballer the one that was pronounced and is based on the speech of the Real Madrid full-back. Has been Gonzalo Melero, Almeria midfielder.

“All this brings too much trouble. I agree with what Carvajal said: we are not the ones who decide or interfere. The decision is in the judge’s hands and we will respect it. “Everyone can express their opinion and the issue was discussed in the locker room,” he said at a news conference.

In any case, the Luis Rubiales question continues to be a topic of conversation and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. In the last days, Jenni Hermoso has already filed her complaint against Luis Rubiales with the public prosecutor and its solution remains to be seen.

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